Mung-Ata Kavum

posted Apr 1, 2013, 6:34 PM by Sri Lankan Food Recipes   [ updated Apr 1, 2013, 8:53 PM ]

Ingredients – [35 – 40]

 400  g  Rice flour
 400  g  Roasted mung-ata flour
 1.5  cups  Honey ( Coconut or Kithul Treacle)
 5  cups  Sugar
     Oil for frying

For the Batter

 1    Egg
 200  g  Rice flour
 200  ml  Mild
 1  tablespoon  Salt


Put honey and sugar in a pan and cook over the fire until it boils stirring constantly.
Add rice flour and roasted mung-ata flour gradually, stirring the mixture until the flour is cooked and the mixture thickens.
Add more honey if necessary to make mixture pliable.
Take the pan off the fire and turn the mixture into a board very lightly greased to be not more than ¼” in thickness.
Pour 2 cups of water in to the pan into the pan in which the mixture was cooked.
Place the pan back again over the fire and cook until the left over mixture turns in to starch.
Allow it to cool and use it to knead the mixture on the board until it is soft and smooth enough to b rolled out on the board.
Flatten the mixture and cut it to diamond shape pieces.
Dip the pieces in the batter and fry in boiling oil.
A little rice flour should be sprinkled on the board before starting to flatten out the mixture to avoid the mixture pasting onto the board. 
After flattening out dust a little rice flour on the surface too.

How to prepare Roasted Mung-ata Flour

Wash and dry the Mung-ata.
Place a pan over the fire and put the Mung-ata when it is heated.
Constantly stir  the Mung-ata until roasted nicely.
Take it off the fire and pound it.
Sieve the flour.


Place the flour in a bowl and add little bit of  milk at and mix well.
Beat the Egg and add it to the mixture.
Add salt and remaining milk until a consistency is formed which will coat the back of the spoon.